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Black Maximizer semen collected for sale, is only available through the Assoc. and Warren Levang, (The Founder) Billings, Montana, USA. Some Semen qualifies for export.

Each year we have enjoyed a tremendous increase in sales volume, and have a limited supply in several of these sires, so order in advance will ensure that you will get the semen on the sires of your choice. According to the reports on semen sales of other breeds, we have passed many of the breeds last year, and looking to passing many more this year. So, the percentage of increase is very exciting, and we have never run any ads for semen sales or Bull/Heifer sales.

Our Philosophy: To third party test the individual sires as well as progeny data on these bulls BEFORE we sell the semen. All sires have been third party tested for natural service breeding and birth wt's, etc. for 1-3 calf crops in several herds before semen is sold. Whereas traditionally, most semen is sold on unproven yearling bulls and the rancher takes all the risk and tests them for the semen companies.

Note: To date, the only available semen is from the "foundation sires" owned by Warren Levang, the founder. These sires have been satisfactorily crossed by natural service and artificial insemination on Black Angus, Angus Crossbred's, Red Angus, Simmental, Charolais, Maine Aanjou, Hereford etc. We have crossed on many angus, and found it to be a very good cross. Also, offering Black Maximizer Cattle with Continental in them as a second breed at the purebred breeders sale is a very easy sell to complement an angus (straight english) sale.

Black Maximizer Traits and Characteristics:

1) Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled 2) Good Length 3) Level Topline 4) Large Volume Bellies 5) Some Super Feed Conversion Sires 6) Some Disposition Improvers 7) Average Birth Wt. 8) Selected for Large Pelvic 9) Hibred Vigor, 10) High % Weaning Wt. Compared to Cows Wt.

Proven Sires with Semen Available: All are Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled, so I won't repeat that for each. Note: There is much more information available, so just call for additional information, or assistance or recommendations on particular mating's.

#1 "Levang Foundation Gorgeous George 03E" ie. "George" our #1 "Heifer Bull" has hundreds of calves, and daughters in production. 76 pound birth Wt. and 930 lbs. late fall without creep. Improves disposition, short gestation, Apr. 273-275, excellent vigor at birth, excellent growth for a heifer bull, adds length. Many daughters in production and good producers. Large pelvic's, good milkers, and fertile breeders
Excellent "Quick Growth" tm Sire. "Quick Growth"tm is a term I am using to compare the amount of growth from birth to weaning by using a number system. You will satisfactorily compare him to any heifer bull you have ever used he is a "One In A Million". (testimonials available)
#2 "Levang Foundation 101F "Buster" a high growth bull, to increase weaning
wt., excellent "Quick Growth" tm large pelvic's,excellent disposition, very docile, increase length, only sire not tested at horton's for feed conversion, etc. but was tested in Montana. Super mother, and weaned off at 810 lbs. adj. weaning wt. when mother was a two yr. old.
#3 "Levang Foundation 01E" moderate frame on him and calves, large scrotal - 42 cm,
            (chart only goes to 35 for a yrlg), therefore early
            maturing daughters very thick hind quarters, and
            passes to progeny, excellent disposition, very
            docile, level topline, very long.

"Feed Conversion Sires"
Ave 4.4 lbs feed: 1lb gain
for the retained ownership breeders, plus
super daughters, extra length, third calf crop
on ground in March.

#4 "Levang
Foundation 02G"  
#5 "Levang
Foundation 05G"
#6 "Levang
Foundation 06G''
#7 "Levang
Foundation 07G"

#8 "Levang Foundation 01H" Long, deep and wide- Yet balanced. His cow family is a very consistent
     producer with great feed conversion. Produces muscle and length.
     Very consistent and predictable phenotype in progeny.
    ** Another third party test conducted on the 01H SIRE:
     (Conducted at Steve Henderson's Ranch address under the
                                                                     * Gestation length 278 days
                                                                      instead of 285, therefore
                                                                      lighter birth weight than what
                                                                      your cow has been producing
                                                                      with 79lbs ave. birth weight
                                                                      on 2nd calf and older cows.
                                                                      Vigor at birth is also very
                                                                       good as in most Black
Maximizer Sires. (The 62%-85% Heterosis offered by the Maximizer Sires improves the vigor at birth,
Whereas the purebred breeds have none, -0-).
** The 01H daughters are proving to be outstanding producers!! Moderate size, great pelvic, super milk,
shorter gestations and great dispositions. We have had some gestations on 3/4 blood calves in the 260
range days in length.

#9 "Levang Foundation 03H" Also long deep and wide. Produces great calves,
           1. Great disposition
           2. Wide with good muscle
           3. Long yet balanced.
           4. Prepotent sire as in his yearling bulls and heifers did very well
            on growth and marketability.
#10 "Levang Foundation 07J" "Mr. Perfect" We are really excited and anxious about this upcoming bull.
Individual third party tested data is superb, and first calves on ground in March in four herds, call for
             report. **Feed Conversion: 3.97 : 1. (Feed to Gain Ratio.) ave.
             in most feed lots is Apr. 6-9lbs. feed to each lb. of Gain. Pelvic: *
             201 Sq .Cm. Whereas ave. is Apr. 150 sq. cm., *37 1/2 cm.
             scrotal, (off the chart), Disposition is great, broke to lead in a day
             as yearling. Semen production was 100, and 245 straws per
             collection as a yearling after trucking 600 miles from another test
             in Colorado. Plus he bred cows natural service last summer.
            We have done all the testing we can. Now it is time for you to test
             them. Call for prices: $18-$30 - Volume discounts available.
            **Another third party test conducted on "07J" Included at the
Steve Henderson Ranch mentioned with the 06J and the 01H sires. 07J proved short gestation of Apr.
278 days instead of the other breed averages of 285 days, and birth weights for bulls and heifers of 75lbs.
These where second calf cows and older. The vigor was great as usual for the Maximizer calves which the
heterosis once again shows direct benefits over the purebred (one breed) calves. Also all black and polled
with good disposition.
#11 "Levang Foundation 06J" ** Bulletin Up and coming foundation sire: Received data on several third
party test herds now, and is proving to be another "Heifer Bull".
One of the tests were conducted at Steve Henderson's Ranch located at Pompeys Pillar, Montana 59064.
Phone: 406-875-2279
            On second calf and older cows he produced all black and polled
            bull and heifer calves with an average birth weight of 75.8lbs and
            an average gestation of 278 days, with excellent vigor at birth. So
            if he can produce calves with a week shorter gestation he should
            reduce the average birth weight of that cow's calves, and add the
            heterosis of 62%-85% you should have more vigor at birth than
            the purebred or one breed calves. (Pictures of progeny to follow)
            Some of those 60lbs birth weight calves are growing very well!
            We are very impressed. I am expecting the "quick growth" on
            these to be in the 10 range. This is what we have been shooting
            for. Call later for growth reports

His Dam is a super solid black and polled donor cow with high fertility and proven embryo production of
Apr. 16 embryos per flush and 25-34 eggs per flush with very light dosage of drugs, (The national average
for other breeds is Apr. 7 embryos per flush). She had excellent feed conversion and great average daily
Semen now available for sale.